Personalization Process

You and I will work TOGETHER to create a design that will be truly special and unique! First, we will discuss your vision, we welcome pre-existing designs, pictures, and company logos to help with the brainstorming process. Before we begin a final product, we will provide you with an email for final approval. Once the project is approved, I will provide you with a completion date (No more than 10 days).  Anything in our shop can be customized and we NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR CUSTOM DESIGNS… EVER!

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Customizable Handmade 100% Cotton Kitchen Towels, Wooden Wreaths, and Sale in Riverbank and all of California

Ask any chef, cook, or homemaker, and they’ll be quick to tell you that a kitchen is not complete without kitchen towels. This unsung hero of the home and kitchen can be used in several ways, from hand drying, dish wiping, cleaning up crumbs and spills on tables and countertops, and even ad hoc purposes such as potholders and oven mitts.

Our line of dish towels are handmade with 100% pure cotton and are hypoallergenic, durable, and low maintenance, so they can take all the hard work in the kitchen.

Other Products

Mimi B Creations covers all of your home accessory and decoration needs. Our other handmade products include:

• Beautiful wooden wreaths – Welcome friends and family to your home with our wooden wreaths! Ours are made to withstand any weather painted with outdoor paint and stained and poly finish to protect it for years to come
• Festive holiday bows – Customize your wooden door wreath with our festive holiday bows! Each wreath comes with a pack of 6 holiday bows that are so easy to just change out.
Shop now and we’ll have it delivered to you!

Beautiful Personalized Charcuterie Boards –Our charcuterie boards are finished with beautiful leather handles and food safe. Customize your charcuterie board or choose for something on line. Several sizes available.

Highly Customizable Pieces

If you’re looking for personalized pieces, all of our handmade products, dish towels, wooden wreaths, and holiday bows are highly customizable to fit your taste. They can be easily given as favors and gifts.

How to Create Personalized Items with Mimi B Creations

Let’s collaborate on your unique design! All our products are 100% customizable with no additional fee.

1. We can brainstorm together if you do not have a specific design yet. Otherwise, you may send us your design through our contact details.
2. We’ll send a mock-up for your approval.
3. Once you’re satisfied with the proposed design, we’ll start the project. Wait no more than 10 days!

Other home accents, linens, and decors are for sale and can be conveniently shipped to you in San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, all of California, and all over the United States.

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